About Me

Hello! My name is Diana. As you might have noticed, I love cupcakes and I love dinosaurs. Those two are mostly unrelated, save one tattoo. Coincidentally, I have loved both since I was a child. What kid doesn't love cake? Especially cupcakes? And what kid doesn't love dinosaurs? Ok, I'll give you that one. While girls are no strangers to liking dinosaurs, most of them didn't set up dig sites in their backyards so they could hunt fossils. They also didn't carry around field guides for dinosaurs when they were 10. No, I think they mostly had My Little Ponies...I had those too...they just galloped along side Parasaurolophuses. I'm getting distracted aren't I? Told you they were mostly a distraction.

Nowadays, I am happily married and studying Neurobiology while tutoring at school super part time. While I am not studying I spend my time housekeeping, baking, playing with my dog and cat, playing video games, rock climbing, sailing, modeling, acting, and singing...I am pretty sure I do some other stuff too...I'll think of it later.

When I say "I bake," I mean I bake cupcakes. Just cupcakes. I haven't ventured too far into the other realms of baking. Seeing as how I used to be completely and utterly horrible at baking, the fact that I have mastered the art of cupcakery seems to be somewhat shocking to those who know me well. It is shocking to me. In fact, saying that I have mastered it really seems to be a joke to me. Like some sort of paradox. Perhaps this is what the Mayans were talking about in regards to 2012.

Sorry everyone.