Monday, January 16, 2012

Tiramisu Cupcakes II: No New Furniture

This one is quick, so there are no comics, sorry! But, I really want to share these because they are prettier than the first ones, then I'll move on to a new flavor. You'll like it too.

I may have lied slightly when I said the next time I made these Mirko would put together furniture from Ikea. Or, maybe I said the next time we get furniture from Ikea, I would make these...that sounds more! I'm not a liar! Well...anyway. I made these again, just like I said in my previous post.

Last time I made them because they are impressive for Mirko's work. This time I made them because my mom really enjoys tiramisu. Also it was for Christmas, so she asked me to make them as a second dessert option, which I was super excited about.

There was a little bit of confusion regarding the assembly of the cupcakes, specifically where I should assemble them. Should I put them together the night before at my place where they have the potential to get a little soggy? Or, should I put them together at my parents' house so they aren't as soggy? They're good either way. I could just make them Christmas morning before we go over, that would eliminate the worry of everything being done on time. So, I ended up doing just that, which worked out swimmingly since we were up late on Christmas Eve doing last minute gift wrapping, of course.

I put the cupcakes together and called my mom on the way over and she informed me that my cupcakes would be the only dessert - huzzah! That was until the power went out and dinner was late and we all ended up being too full by the time it would have been appropriate to be eating dessert. Luckily, cupcakes were wrapped and left as needed. It all worked out.

 Our Christmas was splendid! We had a great time. Among the gifts I received were some jumbo muffin tins. There will be giant cupcakes in the near future!

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